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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Blogroll Shamnesty Day

Do you want these men reading your blog?

As a loyal reader of Michelle Malkin, I can say with the utmost certainty that "amnesty" is a liberal plot to soften America's borders, make Spanish our national language, and force the school children of America's Heartland to eat chips and salsa with their lunch every day. This is especially true of "Blog Amnesty," that fateful day last year when a group of liberal elite bloggers (and their "conservative" allies in the business community) decided to purge me from their blogrolls so they could link to -- and be linked back by -- cheaper Spanish-speaking blogs, like Matt Yglesias.

Well, that didn't quite pan out for them as they expected, and fortunately a movement is afoot to remind America what a monumental act of treason dropping me from those blogrolls truly was. Via the lovely Blue Gal (who graciously threw a couple of links my way over at Crooks and Liars -- thank you, Blue Gal), I learn that Skippy the Bush Kangaroo & Jon Swift are spearheading a movement to leverage the power of the lower-case blogosphere and have me added to the rolls of similarly disenfranchised blogs. Gentlemen, thank you for your interest!

While fighting liberal treason feels like a one-woman job, I do enjoy the help of a number of loyal readers and commenters, whom I'd like to publicly acknowledge. Blue Gal's instructions were to link to your favorite blogs with lower traffic stats than your own, but I find staring at people's Sitemeter info a bit unseemly. Just the thought of it gives me the same dizzy sense of confusion I get from seeing the bulges on male ballet dancers on PBS, a shameless end-run around broadcast decency standards that ensures why my local PBS affiliate enjoys the broad financial support of radical homosexual activists. It's simply unnatural. Anyway, down that way lies madness, so without any further ado, Sister Nancy Beth salutes the following blogs for their continued interest and support:

Some Notes on Living - While ostensibly a "liberal" blog, SNoL's Proud Progressive (and more recently, Chloe Elise) truly get into the Spirit of things in the comments section here like nobody's business, practically taking up snakes and shaking those tambourines. It's always church when Some Notes of Living is in the house. Praise Him, ladies!

Take Your Medicine - LuluMaude is one of the sharpest, most incisive writers on the internets, and her wry Photoshop jobs (this one's a personal favorite) are the embodiment of punk rock, though she may not know it. I am flattered by the continuing interest of her keen mind.

Why Oh Why - The reach of Sister Nancy Beth's ministry extends all the way to Godless New York, where Brother YOY helps keeps tabs on the presumably homosexual deer that threaten the local population and distressingly phallic horticultural phenomenon. The cost of Freedom is indeed eternal vigilance, and all of you in the Eastern time zone should rest secure knowing YOY is doing such a bang-up job on your behalf.

Zippidy Doo Dah - Brother LiquidDaddy's spiritual gifts rival those of most megachurch preachers. Future generations of Biblical scholars will comb over the many comments he's left here to better understand the legacy of our contemporary St. Augustine.

Lastly, Sister Nancy Beth would also like to send a shout-out to one of her greatest sources of blogging Inspiration, Shelley the Republican. The late Jim Capozzola first brought my attention to the Righteous flock over there, and I've been a dedicated reader ever since, though most of my comments telling Shelley's detractors to go back to sucking dick and watching gay porn end up in their spam-catcher -- some of these things have a feather tuning, evidently. Here's wishing a happy Blogroll Amnesty Day to one and all. Praise Him!

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