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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Show us on the doll where The Left touched you

Perhaps the most tragic legacy of The Left's desire to pervert Our Nation's youth is that the difference between the dolls your daughters play with and the inflatable kind perverts buy in adult bookstores is virtually nil. The primary culprit for this sad trend is of course the male doll collector, undoubtedly the most tragic form of homosexual presently known to man. Their voracious appetite for diminutive outfits and miniaturized accessories, coupled with the high level of expendable income that the contemporary homosexual elite enjoys, means that the nancies have strong-armed American toy manufacturers into producing some of the most offensive "toys" imaginable, regardless of whether they want to or not.

Fortunately, a group of parents is fighting back, although their anti-corporate motivations and lack of references to Jesus certainly make their intentions suspect. I reserve my judgment on the following:
On Monday the charges flew: They were called little "stripper dolls" that encourage children to "engage in eroticized play."

By Wednesday, Hasbro's planned release of "The Pussycat Dolls," a line of toys based on the all-female pop group of the same name, was canceled. ...

But for critics, the move is a major victory that could renew efforts by parents and other consumer advocates to challenge products they say devalue girls and women, even in the face of billion-dollar marketing machines.

"It's really important to know that corporations can be stopped; it really underscores the importance of people working together to stop commercial exploitation of children," says Susan Linn, the cofounder of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, which spear-headed a letter-writing effort with the national nonprofit Dads & Daughters. "[The Pussycat Dolls] was a ratcheting up of the kind of precocious irresponsible sexuality that is being marketed to little girls."
My suspicion is that the organization in question, Dads & Daughters, is a potential Al Qaeda front group, much like CAIR, since they are more worried that the premature sexualization of young girls will turn them into enthusiastic heterosexuals, rather than concerning themselves with the feminizing effects young boys would experience from exposure to the dolls. What else are we to make of these questionable parenting skills?

Believe it or not, but I don't think every liberal should be routinely dismissed as a raving moonbat. A few, like Joe Lieberman, Mickey Kaus, and the lovely Susan Estrich, actually make sense. Because I'd like to see the progeny of Christians and traitors alike play with toys that embody Our Nation's Values, I hereby unveil the following: My prototype (based on this Franklin Mint design) for a collectible Susan Estrich doll where she recreates Marilyn Monroe's famous pose from the Seven Year Itch. Remember, Christians -- Girlhood fantasies come true with Susan, so be sure to buy the Dream House, the Corvette, and the motorhome as well.

This goes out especially for the newest Nancy-Cons, who have bravely stood up for Freedom by adding me to their blogrolls: And many thanks to loyal Nancy-Con Rittenhouse Review for the tip. Praise Him!


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