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Monday, December 05, 2005

Nancyhood Watch

The Left's hypocrisy towards that scourge known as homosexuality never ceases to amaze me. According to Ted Kennedy, Susan Sarandon, et al., when an American serviceman has been seduced by an Iraqi Al-Qaeda member into sticking a glowstick up his ass, this constitutes torture, but when the same thing happens in, say, Massachusetts, it's somehow a quantum leap for civil rights. Moonbats may wish to turn a blind eye to the destruction of America's moral fiber nancydom and its attendant perversions unleash, but fortunately the patriots on the Right are pulling double-shifts watching out for us. Over at WorldNetDaily, Concerned Person for America Bob Knight shines a light on that most fearsome of hydrae, the homosexual-abortionist-euthanasia-feminist movement, to catalog only a tiny fraction of their misdeeds:
At the national level, the pro-abortion National Organization for Women supports all aspects of the homosexual agenda, including same-sex "marriage," hate crime laws, and persecuting the Boy Scouts for barring homosexuals as scoutmasters.

Homosexual activist groups are players in liberal coalitions that work against pro-life judicial nominees, for socialized medicine, and for legislation restricting the rights of pro-life demonstrators, such as the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, which treats pro-life protesters as criminals.
An America where Communists oversee our healthcare system while interior decorators hunt Boy Scouts for sport is not an America I want to live in. Some of you may dismiss this bleak scenario as nothing more than a dystopian nightmare brought about by inhaling too many styling product fumes this morning, but I offer the following as evidence that homosexual militants are steadily chipping away at the foundations of masculinity in order to bring about the Apocalypse:

Jewelry For Men: Debbie Schlussel examines the latest incarnation of this distressing trend whereby "men" adopt ladies' accessories. I've seen "gentlemen" donning purses, skirts, and now baubles. The corollary of this outrage, of course, is female espousement of traditionally male vestments, like that abomination known as the female condom. Disgusting.

Tinkling While Sitting Down: I saw this salvo against masculinity on the cover of the December issue of Details magazine. Thankfully this dangerous article is not available online, but you can see how wildly this idea has taken off with Details' readership of well-groomed metrosexuals over at their discussion boards. What other feminine bodily functions will MSM have our men performing next -- ovulation, perhaps? In a word: disgraceful.

Drag Shows: Speaking as a Christian woman, I find nothing more offensive than the thought of some gay man pretending to be a lady. So I was pleased to learn (via Whore of Heresy By the Bayou) that Gay Republicans, while incapable of recognizing the damage their own perverted lifestyle choices are having on America, will at least speak out against the mockery of God's creation:
A gay Republican group is asking for an investigation of a drag show at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

The president of the Log Cabin Republicans of Greater St. Louis, Charles Stadtlander, said he attended the Oct. 14 drag show.

He raised concerns that the show mocked heterosexual audience members, that performers wore revealing outfits, used inappropriate language and simulated sex acts.
Inappropriate language and revealing outfits? At a college function? It's situations like this that I'm glad I flunked out of beauty school, because God was clearly watching over me to prevent me from having to witness such a lurid spectacle. Christians, please be on guard, as we alone have been entrusted with guarding the sacredness of the sexes. The homosexual menace, with their fellow travellers in the Mainstream Media and the Episcopilian church, will stop at nothing to degrade it further.


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