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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

No good deed

Sister Nancy Beth is fuming today after reading the latest John Stossel piece over at Townhall. It seems those liberal do-gooders have once again become so blinded by enlightenment that they can't see the harm they're doing to America's economy:
If I don't like secondhand smoke -- and I don't -- I can choose to go to restaurants that don't have smoking, just as I can choose restaurants that don't have bad music. If I don't want to work in a smoky place, I don't have to.

But when the politicians ban smoking in bars, people who actually like old-fashioned smoky bars are stopped, by force, from enjoying the kinds of establishments they like. Smoky bars cease to exist. Workers who don't mind smoke are deprived of jobs. Can't the smokers have some bars?
And when California's regulators start poking their noses into other people's business, those who enjoy working in airborne contaminants will be deprived of jobs. Hello, is this still America?


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