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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Prayer Circle Jamboree

There's lots of great stuff out there on the internets today, and while each of these items deserves further exploration, my writing ambition seems to be running on low right now. What better time for Sister Nancy Beth's favorite quick & easy one-dish blog entry?

Rick Santorum gazes into his crystal ball and sees the future of the conservative movement, Compassionate Conservatism:
Fourth, Compassionate Conservatism targets the poor and hurting for help, whether they are across the street or across an ocean.
It sure does! Three more years of Compassionate Conservatism ought to really have those poor people on the ropes. Give 'em hell, Ricky!

Debra Saunders looks at the "evidence" about global warming and asks: Who are you going to believe, Townhall or 2,000 scientists?"

Marvin Olasky must have used his Aqua-Net in a poorly ventilated room to come up with this unique series of free associations on softball, potatoes and mattresses. Definitely a front-runner for Townhall's James Joyce Award.


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