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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Makeup making news

Watch out, Conchita's on the warpath today, mostly over the appointment-keeping software THAT SHE BOUGHT that doesn't calculate for holidays and has slowly gone out of whack. It's too complicated to get into, but the problem in a nutshell is that it thinks today is October 28th -- ugly incident this morning when I came in with Conchita demanding to know why Mrs. X was showing up for Mrs. Y's appointment, how long has this been going on, why didn't I say anything, etc. So here I sit, trying to reset the damnable thing and getting increasingly frustrated. Until I can resume my position as ambassadress of glamour to the conservative blogosphere, here are some cosmetics-related news stories to battle the drudgery of working life:

Ho-hum, Michael Jackson's had another run-in with the law, this time by entering a ladies' room in Dubai. Here's the intriguing part:
But local newspapers reported that the 47-year-old performer did not quickly leave the bathroom and was spotted applying makeup before leaving.
Really? What brand, and to what part of his face? Leave it to MSM to leave out the most salient details of this story. I was hoping Open Source Media might have a blogger on the scene to report the news behind the news, but they're probably too busy with their slumber party. It's too bad this didn't happen next week.

Doctor Nancy Beth, Medicine Woman? My beauty school didn't offer a pre-med major, but it looks like Nordstrom's is helping to fill that void with their on-call nurse at the skin-care counter. This is an idea that I hope catches on -- maybe some faith-based initiative will result in the stationing of nurses trained in the healing ways of cosmeceuticals throughout the more unsightly corners of the Third World.

Finally, showing the typical liberal disdain for the pillars of America's greatness, whores of heresy BlondeSense use cosmetics to fire off this little barb at President Bush. Hilarious, ladies.


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