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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tears of a clown

Hot tears have been streaming down Sister Nancy Beth's cheeks all day ever since I learned of the plight of Paul Deignan. Maybe it's because his cruel mistreatment at the hands of academia reminds me so much of my own ordeal, but I'm glad to see he's chosen to rectify the situation the honorable way: by threatening to sue. I wish Paul victory in his lawsuit and, of course, extend to him this virtual tissue.

I was planning on doing a special ladies-only edition of my prayer circle jamboree until I learned of the grave injustice Paul had suffered. Instead, I'll pass along something I read over at Townhall and hoped to include in my jamboree. University of Virginia is home to the Network of Enlightened Women, an organization whose stated purpose is:
... to foster the education and leadership skills of conservative university women. NeW is devoted to expanding the intellectual diversity at UVa.
They're also looking to franchise their operation -- if only there had been such an organization before I got hounded out of beauty school for my own conservative beliefs! Sister Nancy Beth strongly encourages Paul to found a chapter of Network of Enlightened Women at Purdue and help decisively turn the leftist tide at our nation's universities. As a further act of solidarity with Paul, I will threaten to sue everybody who bans me from commenting on their blogs.


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