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Monday, November 07, 2005

They hate us because of our hairdos

I'm reading up on the continuing violence in France to best figure out how to fight radical Islam with cosmetology. Naturally MSM is serving up its usual hatred of conservative ideals in the form of weepy "root causes" pieces, so thank heavens I've got my Prayer Warriors to tell it to me straight. Not only is MSM too afraid of offending PC sensibilities to point out that it's Muslims who are rioting, they're too afraid to mention the obvious Al Qaeda connection. But leave it to WorldNetDaily to provide me with the link to the all-important cosmetology angle that liberal media would rather shy away from:
Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has linked the ban on the wearing of Muslim head scarves in French schools to the unrest inflaming poor suburbs of French cities, according to a press report Monday.

In an interview with Milliyet newspaper, Erdogan said "the process begun in France in the schools" was one explanation for the worsening violence marked by the destruction of thousands of vehicles, vandalism of schools and attacks on police stations.

Erdogan, who became involved in Turkish politics through the now-disbanded Islamist National Salvation Party and in 1999 was jailed for four months on a charge of inciting religious hatred, said the law banning the hijab in schools had contributed to migrants' sense of exclusion and "stirred up" the violence.
Haven't these people ever heard of Aqua-Net? It's like the invisible hand of God keeping your tresses in place. Islam's understanding of haidressing remains stuck in the 14th century; Muslims and their enablers on the Left can look forward to more violence like this until they accept the primacy of Our American Hairstyles.


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