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Friday, September 11, 2009

From ACORNs mighty harlots grow

ACORN, which is short for Anti-Christian Organization of Racist Negroes, has a long and sordid past of trying to subvert Freedom in Our Nation. Their fascist endeavors include agitating for "living wage" ordinances, registering black people(!) to vote(!!), and trying to prevent foreclosures for low-income people, much like the Brownshirts of Nazi Germany did during the reign of Adolph Hitler. But, as a new report from my Prayer Warriors WorldNetDaily shows, these activities are merely fig leaves behind which they hide their true agenda -- opening brothels in your neighborhood and stocking them with nubile Christian ladies:
The community organizing group ACORN is once again at the center of controversy, this time with the release of a videotape showing two employees helping a man posing as a pimp and a woman pretending to be prostitute set up a brothel and deceive the IRS by claiming underage girls from South America as dependents.

The tape, along with a transcript, was released by a new political blog launched today by Andrew Breitbart, BigGovernment.com. ...

President Obama headed an ACORN vote registration project in the 1990s and represented the group in a legal case in which ACORN pressed Citibank to loan more money to marginally qualified applicants.
Barack Hussein Obama's involvement in this is chilling: How many whorehouses did he open while working as a community organizer in Chicago? Is the purpose of his FEMA re-education camps really to be outsized skankfarms where me & my pretty white ladyfriends get sent to service sex tourists from Dubai, and Hillary Clinton? Will this venture be funded, in part or full, by taxes levied to pay for The Left's socialized medicine program? These are all important questions that demand to be asked, ideally by Sarah Palin on her Facebook page. Praise Him!

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