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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Queen for a day

As anyone who's tuned into Bill O'Reilly can tell you, The Left has practically made it a crime to celebrate Our Savior's birthday. The punishment usually consists of endless lectures about wasting resources, "consumerism" (it's called capitalism, assholes, and Baby Jesus loves it), and how we should be mailing cards and stringing garland in honor of the birth of baby Mohammed instead. In a characteristic display of hypocrisy, they're now trying to crowd out the Big J's birthday and have some radical homosexual activist take His place. Prayer Warriors Lifesite explain:
Last Friday, February 1, Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) and Equality California (EQCA) announced plans to introduce a measure that would formally establish a non-fiscal state holiday to commemorate gay-activist Harvey Milk. If passed, the bill would see the holiday take place on the anniversary of Milk's birth, May 22.

"Harvey Milk was a true American hero," said Assemblyman Leno. "He gave hope to a generation of gay and lesbian individuals whose basic humanity and freedom had been denied and dishonored. His history is our history, and a day in his honor will preserve his legacy for generations to come."

Milk was elected as San Francisco city supervisor in 1977, thereby becoming, according to Time magazine, the first openly gay man elected into a "substantial" political office "in the history of the planet."
This is an Outrage, particularly when you consider how many holidays pansies have already co-opted into celebrations of their deviant lifestyle. St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Arbor Day -- every last one of them has been turned into a "theme" night at America's gay bars, right down to the drag shows and drink specials. And that doesn't hold a candle to what they've done to Easter -- all those pastel colors have turned almost as many American men into panini-nibbling friends of Dorothy as digital prostate examinations (It was, in fact, the combined 1-2 punch of both these things that set poor Ted Haggard onto his road to ruin). It pains me to think of what will happen to Presidents Day if Hitlery wins.

Radical homosexual activists have perverted Our Nation's calendar into one year-long "gay" "pride" festival, so it's important we Christians stand our ground here. If not, you may find yourself signed up to bring 30 cupcakes to your child's school for Rosie O'Donnell Day. Praise Him!

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