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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More crowd control, please

Clearly someone in the Secret Service is not doing his job, or is actively working with the terrorists to embarass Our President and His Administration. Once upon a time, you could count on cabinet officials being sheltered from the sort of unhinged Bush hatred that constitutes the daily bread of Freedom-haters like Daily Kos readers, Old Europe, etc. Sadly, though, The Left managed to infiltrate a recent gathering in Indonesia with one well-planted anarchist:

This nation's defense minister warned Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on Tuesday that Asia's Muslims increasingly believed the U.S. was trying to use its economic and military power to dictate terms for carrying out the war on terrorism, a perception that risks alienating the very countries the Bush administration needs as allies.

In unusually blunt language after an hourlong meeting here with Rumsfeld, Juwono Sudarsono said some Muslim nations saw the U.S. as a threat to global stability, and he suggested the administration should allow national governments to come up with their own strategies to deal with Islamist extremism.

"The sun never sets on the back of an American GI," Sudarsono said, noting that the $12-trillion U.S. economy allows it to be ubiquitous around the globe. "It's best that you leave the main responsibility of anti-terrorist measures to the local government in question and not be overly insistent about immediate results arising from your perception about terrorists."

That's pretty brave talk coming from a country that God routinely smites, so I wouldn't put too much stock in it. It almost overshadows this troubling news:
Officials also responded cautiously to Rumsfeld's promise of spare parts for the country's hobbled cargo aircraft fleet and aging F-16 fighters. The U.S. did not sell parts to Indonesia during the decade-long ban on military trade.

The ban was lifted last year, and that status must be renewed annually by Congress, where some members remain concerned that Indonesians involved in military atrocities in East Timor have not been brought to justice. Rumsfeld acknowledged that Congress might yet reimpose the ban, and Sudarsono said Indonesia would continue to purchase Russian-made fighters as a hedge.
This is an Outrage! How many children of defense contractors must go hungry so that The Left can score these moral brownie points? After all, the Indonesians are just going to go turn around and buy weapons from the Reds, so in essence, the moonbats are hurting America while helping our former(?) enemies. Whe you get down to it, American munitions deliver Freedom with every payload, and the East Timorese should consider themselve fortunate to be liberated by such. Praise Him!


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