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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

History's greatest monster

While many vie for that title, no list would be complete without Robert Redford:
Something is happening all across the country. People are coming together and demanding new answers. A grassroots movement is gathering today to promote solutions, like renewable fuels, clean electricity, more efficient cars, and green buildings that use less energy -- all of which are exciting alternatives that rebuild our communities even as they cut pollution and create good jobs. And, when people come together to invest themselves in building a better future, we are not only helping to solve our energy crisis, but we are taking back our democracy itself.
And who are the fellow travelers in Redford's grand scheme to re-create America as this paganistic utopia?
In coming months, this campaign, which is based at the Center for American Progress and works with partners from the Natural Resources Defense Council to Consumers Union, MoveOn.org to the Apollo Alliance, will launch new challenges to our elected leaders, but it will also point to good work that is already going on all around the country.
Say no more. If these windbag Hollywood celebrities spent half as much time Supporting the Troops as they do badmouthing America, the Iraq war would already have been won (again), and Our Nation's energy crisis would finally be solved. Praise Him!


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