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Thursday, June 08, 2006

[Ca]Hairdo Cinema

A not-so recent post over at I Blame the Patriarchy solicited the brown rice & Birkenstock crowd who congregate there to name their favorite acts of cinematic sedition. While Hollywood kowtows to The Left with every new release, I thought it would be interesting for my readers to take a look at the craven depths of depravity that delight the moonbat psyche. One film that seemed well regarded was Saving Grace, which Jesus & I protested via Netflix last night.

The story revolves around the newly widowed Grace, whose late husband, she finds out, left her in tremendous amounts of debt. She and her pothead gardener resort to cultivating an enormous crop of marijuana in order to pay off her creditors. Subplots involve the gardener's pregnant girlfriend, Grace's confrontation of her late husband's mistress, and the townfolks' "it takes a village to support a drug dealer" laissez-faire approach to Grace's illegal venture.

I can certainly see its appeal to the moonbats, as all their favorite pastimes are represented: drugs, abortion, adultery, homosexuality, disrespect for law and order, pre-marital sex, male-bashing, & the evils of capitalism, which is what ultimately drives poor Grace into her desperate act of lawlessness. There are even some distinctly unpleasant allusions to sexual tension between the aged Grace and her much younger gardener, which all but screams, "If this Anglia's a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'." What a potential waste of a Christian man's seed! In fact, the only taboo this movie omits is the obligatory interracial aspect (though, now that I think about it, the drug kingpin/love interest is French), which would have given the scenes of drug use some much needed authenticity. Marijuana, the filmmakers would have us believe, is "fun," whereas everyone knows that even one hit of the demonic Mary Jane can cause violent flashbacks that make you walk through plate glass windows in a violent fury, and you can't be killed until somebody literally cuts out your heart and shows it to you. Oh, and the hair and makeup really sucked, too, unless the actress who played Grace is really a Bahian negress who spent hours each day being converted into the pasty white English matron we saw before us, but somehow I doubt that.

So, on Sister Nancy Beth's grading scale of A to F, where A equals Abhorrent and F equals Filthy, I give this movie an F, for the above stated reasons, and for its failure to acknowledge the link between drug trafficking and the attacks of 9/11. Your time would be better spent watching edifying Christian fare like Red Dawn or Rocky IV. Praise Him!


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