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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Eve was weak

My fellow Christians, I must tearfully report that I have sinned against you. My struggle against my Pottery Barn addiction (which went hand in hand with my former nancyhood) is a matter of public record, and I am ashamed to admit that I have once again succumbed to this most horrible of moral failings. Just as Hester Prynne wore her scarlet letter as a sign of her weakness, so to must I display the riazzi mirror as a symbol of my own self-debasement. Please take comfort in knowing the endless source of shame it will serve as when I see it on my living room wall, and how endlessly stigmatizing it will be for me when church ladies come over for Sanka and petit fours.

In happier news of holiday-induced consumerism (oops -- make that "Christmas-induced consumerism"), Jesus & I have joined the iPod revolution. This is a bit early for me to embrace this sort of new technology: I didn't get a cell phone nine months ago, and that's only because Jesus added me to his account. He's been an absolute iPod ninja, transferring plenty of files to the damn thing and eager to go about doing more. In the meantime, Sister Nancy Beth brings up the rear, since I couldn't get the software to load to my friggin computer correctly until Jesus leant His helping hand. I think I'll start doing that random iPod ten thing, primarily as an experiment to see how what's on the list reflects our progress in migrating our music collection to the iPod. So get ready to see plenty of disco remixes of Anita Bryant tunes!

Finally, my inner selfish hedonist is getting restless with this blog. While my Righteousness fuels most of my writing, the inner nancy that I thought I had exorcised demands its share of air-time. Don't be surprised to see the occasional liberal heresy sullying these pages. Posted by Picasa


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