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Thursday, June 12, 2008

White pearls, Black rage

While reputable journalists have spent the past week feverishly trying to avoid another 9/11 by deciphering the terrorist hand signals the Obamas flashed to the Muslim world, one aspect of their shameful displays of treason has been largely ignored: Michelle X Obama's questionable choice in jewelry. While there has been some discussion of her baubles of mass destruction, it's been largely relegated to the style section of the newspaper, further proof of MSM's complicity in abetting their Nubian Messiah's attempt to steal the White House. Rather than being a chic declaration of fashion independence, Ms. Obama's seditious necklace is further evidence of her deep hatred for white people and the latest gaffe that threatens to blow the cover off her hostility towards Our Nation, because those pearls are just as fake as her patriotism:
“Power pearls,” are what Jack Lynch, a wholesaler at Sea Hunt Pearls in San Francisco, Calif., calls the gobstopper-sized pearls that Michelle Obama favors. (The nickname comes from the big marble-sized candies also known as "jawbreakers.") Women who wear these mean business.

Gobstopper-sized pearls are favored by powerful women like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Senator Dianne Feinstein, says Betty Sue King, a wholesaler at King’s Ransom in Sausalito, Calif. The irony is that “power pearls” connote wealth and power, but the larger ones may actually be fakes! ...

Now we didn’t get up close and personal enough to bite the pearls to tell if they’re fake — if they’re fake they feel smooth, if they’re real they feel gritty — but fashion watchers are speculating that they are indeed of the faux variety. “They’re imitation!” says Alcindor. “I don’t think they’re real.” The Times and U.K.'s The Guardian agree. The Guardian theorizes that fake pearls let her evoke the Kennedy era “without detracting from the messages about her humble origins and feet-on-the-ground family life which play so well with voters.”
As a hard-working American, I find all this evocation of the Kennedy era (e.g. "Camelot with a tan") a bit hard to swallow, since the Kennedys were, at the very least, Christian, even if they didn't act like it. Also, they were born in America, or at least what used to be. Just what kind of bait-and-switch operation is The Left trying to pull here?

What's more troubling is that Ms. Obama's counterfeit pearls only amplify the sense of deception surrounding the Obama campaign, whether it's Barack Hussein's elusive birth certificate (finally revealed, here), or his trumpeting of anti-Semitism on his website. After all, it's only one small step from this: to this:
The Obamas and their supporters in the liberal media and blogosphere have been allowed to let this charade to go on long enough. It's time that we Christians take a more assertive roll and quit letting the Black Muslim Homosexual lobby walk all over us. I urge you to use the power of the internets to expose all the liberals' jewelry-based treacheries, whether it's missing flag lapel pins or these pearls practically strung by Mohammed himself. Only then can we hope to see Our Nation return to the Values and jewelry that made America great. Praise Him!

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