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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Your beloved Sister Nancy Beth has had an Epiphany of sorts lately, readers: Blogging kind of sucks, which explains the lack of posts in these parts. Also, one of the clients at the Beauty Palace turned me on to a home permanent survivors group, and that's kept me occupied the past few weekends. It's ok, nothing a hearty dollop of Christianity wouldn't fix, and I've made it a point to tell them as much a few times. Unfortunately, the secretary is so into the power trip of running her little meeting that she's completely closed off to hearing The Word: "Nancy Beth, that's an outside issue," "Nancy Beth, please keep the focus on our program," "Nancy Beth, we have no religious affiliation here." Fucking bitch. No wonder The Lord cursed her with that tragic hairdo.

Also, after a long sabbatical, I've finally sprung for a full-scale graphics application on my new(ish) computer. Because the cosmetology department, like every other bureacracy in this state, is run by radical homosexual activists who wouldn't issue a Christian so much as a dog license, I've had to resort to Photoshop (actually, PaintShop Pro) to keep up my hairdressing chops. Here's my tribute to Our Nation's future First Lady:

That's about it from me. I'm looking over candidates for this week's HANDJOB award, so stay tuned. Praise Him!

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