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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The War on Christmas: Special Cosmetics Edition

By now, you should be well aware of the tag-team assault MSM & the moonbats have unleashed on Christmas, as the pages of RenewAmerica, Townhall, & Human Events Online have been filled with nothing but informative pieces about this jihad. But it may interest my gentle readers to learn that even the makeup counter has become a heated battleground on the war on Christmas, here and abroad. Will liberals stop at nothing in their attempts to desecrate this Holy Day?

Fighting the Good Fight for Christendom is the Philippine Daily Inquirer, whose championing of cosmetics from a Christian vantage point is undoubtedly an effective psy-ops operation against that country's Muslim insurgency. I challenge any of you to find a more blistering assault against the forces of Islamofascism and its sister-in-arms, The Left, than this:
WHO ELSE would dare challenge the already glittering Christmas season but you? And what better way to do it than with a little help from Shiseido’s holiday offering?

For foolproof dazzle and shine, the Diamond Tear collection will definitely not disappoint.

How to wear it: With the collection’s wide range of shades, all dripping in gorgeous glimmer from eyes to lips, there is plenty of room to experiment!

Keep focus on one feature (read: don’t overdo the glitter! [huh?-SNBE]). For day, add some unexpected glamour with Diamond Tear Eyeliner. You can keep the line close to your lashes or wing it out at the edges to make eyes look wider and bolder. I love it in Aurora Peal, a clear, iridescent shade that changes color with every angle.
More rousing than a gospel number; pity I don't have a tambourine nearby. All I can say is, "Amen."

On the other team, sadly, we have Fox News(!), who hoists the white flag and unconditionally surrenders to the forces of political correctness in this piece, Crystal to Cashmere: Holiday Gifts for Women:
Deck the halls with tubes of lipstick ... and cashmere sweaters ... and crystal earrings.

Scoring a holiday home run with the women in your life has never been easier, thanks to companies like Old Navy, Swarovski and Givenchy, all of which are selling high-end products at affordable prices this season.

"I definitely think that apparel and accessories are usually the No. 1 gifts for the holidays. They are great because you have so many options. You can go the upscale route or the affordable route," said Scott Krugman, spokesperson for the National Retail Federation.
What deeply rooted pathology prompts The Left to extend both middle fingers to America like this? It's a disgrace that children can come across liberal propaganda like this, but what's absolutely unpardonable that this is happening right under Bill O'Reilly's nose.

Fortunately, parents, you can teach your children the true meaning of Christmas this season and put them onto the road to Salvation. I heartily recommend the Girl Crush Lip Gloss Maker, for a tangible lesson in the redemptive power of makeup, and my own Edicts of Nancy thong, a bold and stylish affirmation of the tenets of Christian faith. Praise Him!


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