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Friday, December 16, 2005

Sister Nancy Beth's inaugural iPod thingy

Jesus & I have spent so much time transferring music to the new iPod we bought last weekend that I might as well do one of these random-ten-songs entries. So here's what came up (Red of Righteousness indicates songs that I imported; Green of Eternal Renewal are Jesus'):

In Another Land - The Rolling Stones
Fish Eye - Bailterspace
You And Me In Time - Broadcast
Strobe's The Hunted (Kannagara Mix) - 鼓童
Wailhouse - Ut
Eddebya : theme - Dimi Mint Abba
Pushkin - Palace Brothers
We Do What We Can - Sheryl Crow
Once Was A Time I Thought - The Mamas & The Papas
Sparkwood And Twentyone - Aix Em Klemm

Random notes: Are more of my tracks coming up because I've imported more of my cds, or is this luck of the draw? I'm sure it's too early to tell. Also too early to tell is how the iPod will impact my music-buying patterns. I've long approached recordings as artifacts whose artwork and packaging are worthy of consideration, if not outright preservation (I believe I'm called "collector scum"). Seeing music as computer files to transfer from one device to the other doesn't quite mesh with this worldview, but I wonder how my beliefs on this will drift. And I don't know what to make of the Japanese characters; those came from the Gracenotes database.


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