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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Pretty Baby

During the halcyon days of the Bush years, I strongly advocated for using American power abroad to advance a Christian approach to Cosmetology. Doing so would vanquish the global menace of Islezbofascism, the combined threat of Glamour-averse militant Islam & the radical homosexual agenda. Rueful tears stream down my cheeks when I think of What Might Have Been, had we also invaded Iran, North Korea, and France when we had the opportunity: Not only would Our Nation be feared and respected the world over, but our fellow citizens would have a healthy Reverence for Life, Traditional Values, and the proper use of lip liner.

While The Left ridiculed Our President's bold vision as "flypaper strategy", if they had a shred of intellectual honesty, they would admit it was better to fight the terrorists over there rather than having to fight them here, as the recent surge in domestic terrorism shows. Well, libtards, thanks to your "president"'s dithering, his terrorist-coddling policies, and his fascism-loving regulation, we're now witnessing twin assaults on America's Right to Beauty and Right to Life, right here in the Homeland*:
Los Angeles County officials have placed two staff members at Olive View- UCLA Medical Center in Sylmar on paid leave after allegations that they had participated in a makeshift beauty salon atop medical equipment in the ward for high-risk newborns, according to county officials.

The county this week also opened an investigation into broader allegations that doctors, nurses and staff at the neonatal intensive care unit put babies at risk through substandard care.

The allegations were contained in two anonymous complaints received by the commission that accredits the facility.

"Nurses and doctors through the shift get their manicures, eye brows waxed and nails filed," according to a copy of one of the complaints obtained by The Times. "The smell of acetone permeates the back area of the NICU."

Some of the hospitals' infectious disease staff, who are supposed to prevent such activity, instead participated, according to the complaint, including one doctor who "had a French manicure right on the high frequency ventilator."
Death panels! This is exactly the sort of bureacratic overreach the Patriots in the Tea Party have been warning us about. Had these children been aborted late term, the state would probably insist that these butchers be treated to facials and seaweed body-wraps at Burke-Williams at taxpayers' expense (in fact, there's a little-known section in the Obamacare bill for exactly this provision that becomes effective in 2014). However, because these doctors actually saved children's lives, the heavy jackboot of Obama's police state is instead coming down heavily on their throats. You can never start teaching the children of Our Nation the importance of personal grooming informed by The Gospels early enough, even in a neonatal unit. Without that sort of Moral guidance, they're liable to turn into Bratz-informed tarts with too much make-up, or angry lesbians who favor that "natural" look. This latest attack once again exposes what a charade Barack Hussein Obama's professed love for America and her Values truly are. Praise Him!

*if you can consider California such

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