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Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama Mia

Another great metaphor by the GOP

Given the threat socialized medicine presents to Our Nation's Values, I'm thrilled to see conservatives have finally taken the gloves off and are comparing Barack Hussein Obama's policy initiatives to Abba songs. After all, contrary to what those simpering liberals want you to believe, national health care is little more than a giant homosexual recruitment campaign, much like the catchy music of those porn-loving Swedes.

The public option's deeply un-Christian purposes become readily apparent when you look at the many industrialized (i.e. socialist!) countries mentioned as having a functioning national health insurance system: Great Britain, Canada, France. Great Britain, as you are well aware, has been a hotbed of radical homosexual activism for eons, and it was only a matter of time before the anti-family agenda of perverts like Oscar Wilde and King Edward II erupted like a dormant case of genital warts. Canada has enthusiastically embraced gay marriage and medical marijuana -- it's like San Francisco, only on the metric system. And I don't want to talk about France; it's too disgusting.

More alarming are the many "medical" procedures that Obama and his anally-fixated goons at ACORN will be inflicting on the American populace. Average Joes will soon have their rosy sphincters subject to constant violation as colonoscopies, once the playthings of the rich coastal homosexual elite, become commonplace as a way of "screening" out cancer. The dirty pillows of Christian womanhood -- not to mention modesty -- will face equally cruel onslaughts as the TSA union moves their angry lesbian baggage checkers into positions at Obama's mammogram clinics.

Soon the only way to keep Christian will be to avoid the doctor's altogether, an option that the 18% of our countrymen without insurance are currently enjoying. Why not promote greater Virtue in America by increasing that number, and sinking Obama's depraved health plan altogether? Praise Him!

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