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Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday random ten

I'm still chugging away transferring my cd collection to the iPod, while Jesus seems to have shot His figurative wad, music-wise, and has started downloading from iTunes. His next acquisition is the Beatles' White Album, but I was grateful iTunes didn't have it -- not because I don't want to hear it, but because we're still in the dark ages of dial-up, and I wasn't especially looking forward to the computer being tied up for 8 hours.

Helpless Child - Swans
Day Dreaming - Aretha Franklin
Twin Sisters - Pelt
Not Given Lightly - Chris Knox
Meet Me In My Dream - Marc Almond
Why Didn't You Call Me - Macy Gray
Conrad Adift Toward Mars - Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
Angela - The Verlaines
Red Earth - Movietone


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