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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Open borders, open season on Christians

As a member of God's One True Church, I've grown accustomed to having to deflect criticism from The Left. Headed by an ex-Nazi? No one else wanted the job! Filled with child molesters? More like filled with bedroom-eyed altar boys determined to seduce any hapless priest who crossed their wanton little paths. So it stings when I read something like this over at Agape Press:
An immigration reform activist says it is easy to understand why the Roman Catholic Church is leading an effort to head off a provision passed by Congress that would make it a federal crime to offer services or assistance to illegal aliens. Susan Tully, national field director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, says the Catholic Church has a vested interest in supporting illegal immigration from Latin America. "As a Catholic myself," she says, "I can tell you that the population of the Catholic Church, and this is common knowledge, has been dwindling over the years. And with the influx of these illegal aliens, 99.9 percent of them being Roman Catholics from Latin America, the populations have made those churches grow." Because of this, the activist contends, Catholics in the United States have a sort of unwritten agreement with their Mexican counterparts "that 'my casa is your casa' -- that they were going to not recognize immigration laws or borders."
Liberal defenders of our lax immigration policy will no doubt say that the illegals are only worshipping at a Church no one else will worship at, but when you look at the Al Qaeda/Mexico connection, this demands drastic action: a Papal conclave, maybe, or perhaps a rousing speech on the topic by President Bush. I for one would hate to have my limbs blown off by some terrorist while receiving the Sacraments just because the Catholic Church is determined to be a haven for illegal aliens.


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