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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Glamour Central Station

Hello, Christians! Beauty has been making news lately -- some good, some bad -- so let's take a look down the scorecard. First off, the bad news:

This one goes out to my Prayer Warriors at LGF. It looks like the next Christian institution to fall into dhimmitude is the intimate apparel industry:
About 500 Saudi women are to be trained by the Saudi education and training establishment to work as saleswomen in lingerie shops, as security guards and electrical and electronic maintenance workers, Al Watan Daily reported.
The article fails to mention whether any Heritage Foundation interns will be overseeing this training, which leads me to believe that the results of this endeavor will be suspect at best. The Left's incessant repetition of their mantra, "Islam is a religion of glamour," may have convinced the MSM, but I for one remain skeptical. Developing, as we say on the internets...

But rejoice, for it looks as though Mary Kay Ministries is trying to fill the void in international faith-based cosmetology, starting with the Godless climes of Old Europe:
When Debi Moore started selling Mary Kay cosmetics nearly three decades ago, she lugged around bags full of skin-care products into the living rooms of stay-at-home moms.

Now, her daughter, Taylor, wants to sell those products in Europe. ...

Taylor, her daughter, could fulfill that international dream. In July, she quit her corporate public relations job after six weeks to chase the Mary Kay dream of balancing God, family and work.
I fervently pray that this young lady will be successful in her mission: showing that cosmetics can be the backbone of the traditional family. But then again, we know how those European nihilists treat their Christians. Good luck, miss.

Glamour has also been found to keep the social hierarchy from unraveling (emphasis added):

As part of an experiment, researcher Peter Glick asked a woman to wear a sexy, low-cut blouse with a tight skirt, cardigan, teased hair and lots of makeup. Then he made a set of videos in which she played either a receptionist for a Chicago advertising agency or a senior manager.

The result of the Appleton, Wis., psychology professor's study?

The sexier a woman dresses and the more prominent a position she holds within a company, the more negatively she's perceived.

"If you play up your sexiness and you're in a more powerful position, you're going to get slammed for it as a woman," Glick said.

Is it any wonder America' feminists avoid makeup like the plague? Forsaking glamour is all part of their unholy scheme to destroy America's families by advancing their careers while neutering the menfolk, leaving our children abandoned and sexually confused. I'm freshening my lipstick as I type this, just to ward this terrible scenario off.

Our final bit of news is that even our prehistoric ancestors saw the value of glamour:
The preserved remains of two prehistoric men discovered in an Irish bog have revealed a couple of surprises — one used hair gel and the other stood 6-foot-6 (2 meters), the tallest Iron Age body discovered.

“He would have been a giant ... the other man was quite short, about 5 foot, 2 inches,” or 158 centimeters, said Ned Kelly, head of antiquities at the National Museum of Ireland.

“The shorter man appeared to attempt to give himself greater stature by a rather curious headdress which was a bit like a Mohican-style with the hair gel, which was a resin imported from France,” Kelly told BBC radio. ...

The fashion-conscious gel wearer has been named Clonycavan Man, and Kelly said the fact he was able to buy imported cosmetics suggests he was a wealthy member of Irish society about 2,300 years ago. The other was dubbed Oldcroghan Man.
2,300 years ago? That fits quite nicely with the Young Earth timeline -- how on earth did that sneak past the anti-Creationist MSM? Ah, sweet vindication -- my mind is filled with images of the comely Eve curling her hair as she sits astride a dinosaur. And with that heavenly vision, Christians, I'm signing off. Praise Him!


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