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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lies & the lying liberals who tell them

Back in beauty school, my Intro to Frosting & Streaking class somehow veered off into a literary discussion about our favorite romance novels* while we let the bleach sit for the prescribed 40 minutes. During this time, the instructor, D'Azzle, explained her own theory about the three stages of literary consciousness that mirrored -- however loosely -- societal development. It's been many years, and my frosting cap covered my ears, making hearing difficult, but I recall that D'Azzle broke it down as follows: I am where I am was the earliest stage of writing whose themes were largely an affirmation of a culture's existence (such as the Old Testament, nationalistic legends, etc.); I am what I do coincided with writing as a craft of artisans and saw more sophisticated use of devices like similes, metaphors, etc.; I am what I tell, our present stage, relieved the written word of the obligation to reflect the reality of its author.

"But what's the point of reading if it's a pack of lies?" I protested. D'Azzle went on to mumble something about the necessity of treating what you were reading as its own separate world, rather than an extension of your own. Before I could press her further about the deceitfulness of modern "literature,' class was over, and we had to wash the bleach out of our hair.

This has troubled me mightily ever since then, and as I reflect on it, I can see how enthusiastically The Left has embraced this fast-and-loose approach to the facts -- much to the detriment of Our National Character, naturally. Just imagine what a blow it would be to you Christians reading this if you were to find out, God forbid, that this blog wasn't written by a morally upright Christian woman who sees the Beauty of God's Creation in every dab of makeup, but by, say, some bored homosexual middle-manager at his day job. You would be devastated, and rightfully so, as Christianity teaches us to place Our Faith in The Word. But liberals are different. These are just the sorts of games with Truth the moonbats play, and when liberals play by those rules, they shouldn't complain when they ultimately lose. Build a house on a foundation of sand, etc...

The recent revelation that some book that I never had any intention of reading in the first place was crammed with liberal deceptions comes as no surprise. Evidently its central premise is that Redemption comes through appearing on Oprah's show, rather than through accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior and living a life in strict accordance with The Bible. Ha! You gullible liberals and your fake-but-accurate "non-fiction" have really brought this on yourselves. You have egg upon your face, and the whole world sees it. Now if you'll pardon me, it's my lunchbreak and I'm going to read a few more chapters of Unhinged -- it's opened my eyes to The Left's rabid opposition to the Truth like nothing else. Praise Him!

* For the record, mine is The Honey is Bitter by Violet Winspear.


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