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Monday, December 26, 2011

Death on the Cafeteria Plan

Sister Nancy Beth believes the children are the future, particularly the white ones, so it fills me with Outrage that First "Lady" Michelle Obama, the affable Eva Braun of childhood nutrition, has forbidden them from ever knowing the wonders of baking cookies with their mothers, eating a hot fudge sundae, or testing their blood sugar levels eight times a day. Fortunately these tiny little Freedom Fighters have said no to breakfast at Tyranny's, as my Prayer Warriors at OneNewsNow inform us:
Since school officials decided to introduce healthier foods to the district's menu, students in the Los Angeles Unified School District have actually been eating more junk food. The Los Angeles Times reports that the attempt to encourage healthier alternatives -- such as black bean burgers, vegetarian curries, quinoa and tamales -- over chicken nuggets and corn dogs has been less than successful. Students have begun bringing their own lunches, which often consist of chips and soda.
Wolverines! Freedom is rarely free; it sometimes requires noble self-sacrifice, like consuming 4,000 calories a day. It restores my Faith in the future of Our Nation to see common sense conservative solutions like letting The Market decide in action. After all, who is better qualified to determine what to feed our children: the nanny state, or a bunch of 8 year olds (or their emotional equivalents)? I know which side I'm on. Praise Him!

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