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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Rekers of Havoc

Nothing is more tragic than when one of God's children, bestowed with the beautiful and natural characteristics and cravings with which He Blessed him, is forced to live a lie in order to comply with the hateful agenda of a group of intolerant bigots. And yet that is exactly what is happening to repressed heterosexual George Rekers, who is being mau-maued by radical homosexual activists for not actively embracing their perverted "gay" lifestyle:
The delight could hardly be concealed in the coverage of Christian-right leader George Alan Rekers's 10-day European vacation with a "rent boy."

According to the Miami New Times, Rekers, a prominent antigay activist who cofounded the Family Research Council, arrived at Miami International Airport with a young male escort, and later insisted he had hired the man to help him with his baggage. "I had surgery. And I can't lift luggage," he told the New Times. A statement on his Web site read: "Dr. Rekers found his recent travel assistant by interviewing different people who might be able to help, and did not even find out about his travel assistant's Internet advertisements offering prostitution activity until after the trip was in progress. There was nothing inappropriate with this relationship." But the escort, who goes by the name Lucien, told the New Times today that Rekers is gay and paid him to provide daily body rubs, giving details on specific caresses favored by the Baptist minister.

The liberal, gay, and mainstream blogosphere lit up in delight these past two days, especially with efforts by Rekers to control the damage. ...
The hypocrisy of our liberal friends is absolutely galling, though frankly, par for course. Mr. Rekers would be toasted far and wide by the lamestream media if he were to "come" "out" as a homosexual, start dating Clay Aiken, etc., but since he's bucking the gay system and not buying into their destructive agenda, he's nothing but a target for their vicious and hateful mockery. What sort of message does this send to our endangered heterosexual youths, whose straight/straight alliance clubs are already under attack in public schools? Why must they once again be told that it's not ok for them to grow up straight? One day, The Left will have to answer for the damage they've done to so many of us, and this particular grievance should be on the top of that lengthy list. In the meantime, I thank Mr. Rekers for exposing these traitors as the phonies they are. Praise Him!

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