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Saturday, May 22, 2010


While I tended to find the fairy tales of my youth Morally objectionable on account of their deep anti-American bias and sinister homosexual implications, an image that has always stayed with me is the girl who had gold coins drop from her mouth whenever she spoke, probably because I think that would be helpful should we ever return to the gold standard.

I was reminded of this especially vividly this past week whenever Rand Paul addressed the lame-stream media. The mighty Teabags of Freedom finally have the telegenic spokesman who can attest to the importance of common-sense Conservative Values in restoring Our Nation to its former greatness almost as well as our great Earth Mother, Sarah Palin can. Future Senator Paul, if I may be so presumptuous to call him that, showed his deep compassion for minority populations by saying Senate Democrats have been denying our dusky-tinted citizens the Freedom not to be accomodated by private enterprise for decades now. Isn't it time our negroid friends began participating fully in this democratic experiment? Why are democrats such racists?

Naturally, The Left went into massive spin mode to try to contain the damage, and began trotting out their leading eggheads to discredit the message of Senator Paul before it gained too much traction:
"Rand Paul has this tendency to get in public or get on national cable shows and feel like he wants to give me a lecture on constitutional law," said Conway. "I'm the attorney general of Kentucky. He didn't go to law school. I did. I don't need a lecture on Constitutional law from Rand Paul or Sarah Palin."
How elitist! Sarah Palin's knowledge of the Constitution is exceeded only by her expertise in the energy field. I for one think Mr. Paul's career in opthalmology will give him special insight into constitutional law, much in the same way my career as a receptionist in a beauty parlor qualifies me for the Senate. If snooty libtards continue to denigrate Real Americans like us, they do so at their own peril. Remember November, Christians, and Prase Him!

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