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Friday, June 19, 2009

Running on empty

He wouldn't be so lonely if those lazy bus riders got off their fat asses and joined him...

Everytime I do my weekly protest at Trader Joe's, some patchouli-infused hippie with a clipboard accosts me about signing some retarded petition or other to expand public transportation. "I'm not gay," I tell them, but nothing can dislodge the idea from The Left's feeble minds that mass transit is the magic bullet for all their PC bogeypersons: Peak oil! Sprawl! Global warming! Air pollution! To hear the public transportation cultists tell it, expanded light-rail and bus service will do everything but cure cancer and venereal warts.

Obviously this represents only one side of the story, the side promoted by foul-mouthed liberal bloggers and the MSM in a shameless attempt to deny Our Nation's Christian heritage. Why, for example, is there no discussion of the Biblical disavowal of mass transit? After all, God took Elijah up to Heaven in a private chariot, not some crappy bus making stops every 75 feet. I extend a tip of the hat to prayer warriors WorldNetDaily for broadening the dialog and linking to an article demonstrating one of the many benefits of less public transportation: increased athletic ability
Jeffrey Lawal Balogun was just 19 when a scout from a top athletics club saw him racing after the No28.

Now, three years on, he is hoping to be part of Team GB for the 2012 London Games.

Jeffrey, currently ranked seventh in the UK at the 60m sprint, told yesterday how his lightning dash down the road in Bromley, Kent, changed his life. He said: "I always knew that I was fast, but I didn't really know how to get into running.

"Then one day I was on my way to college and had to run after the bus. I must have been quite fast because a girl came up to me afterwards and asked if I ran with a club."
If the liberals had had their way, this young athlete would have known that the nanny state would be sending another bus in five minutes, and he could have waddled over to the stop like the usual bus rider. Instead, he had to hustle, and in doing so, learned something valuable about himself. How many future champions has the coddling of public transportation advocates robbed this country of? Speaking as a Christian, I find it shameful that moonbats continue to try to increase funding for these initiative-sapping boondoggles, rather than help recruit the cream of the crop for our future Olympic teams. So let's go out there and cut bus service to underserved communities for the Gipper! Praise Him!

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