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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The house I threw up in

Sister Nancy Beth is fighting for America's families -- by getting them evicted. Read about it at American Street. Praise Him!


Friday, August 22, 2008

Letting the Ayers out of the tired

If we must relive the 60's, can we at least have some drugs?

William Ayers, noted 60's radical and close, personal confidante of Barrack Hussein Obama, is a man so unspeakably evil that hardly anyone has ever heard of him. Fortunately for Our Nation, a group of dedicated Freedom-lovers have taken it upon themselves to expose this viper nestling in Lady Liberty's bountiful bosom to the masses. I extend my deepest thanks to Prayer Warrior Michelle Malkin for alerting me to their noble efforts:
A conservative nonprofit group with a past link to Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign is spending $2.8 million on an ad questioning Democrat Barack Obama's relationship to a founder of the 1960s radical group Weather Underground.

The ad, which is expected to begin airing Thursday in Michigan and Friday in Ohio, focuses on William Ayers, whose Weatherman organization took credit for a series of bombings, including nonfatal explosions at the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol 40 years ago.
Obama's apologists have tried to downplay this connection, blithely claiming that their Chosen One was only eight years old when Ayers and his gang of thugs were raping, marauding, and pillaging Our Nation's Values... an assertion which overlooks one crucial fact: Obama had already begun decapitating his classmates at the tender age eight. His legs were probably too short to reach the gas pedals to drive the getaway car, but he could have been involved in some other capacity -- look-out man, decoy, maybe even selling candy bars door-to-door to fund their terrorist escapades. Obviously the Obama campaign and their enablers in the MSM think that if they ignore them long enough, these troubling allegations will just go away. Well, guess again, because conservative bloggers are on your trail!

It shocked me to learn that this Ayers character not only isn't in prison or living on the lam under an assumed name, but is living openly about -- and prospering from -- his terrorist past. Presently he is ensonced in the radical madrassa University of Illinois at Chicago, where he advocates the violent overthrow of the American government through more active participation by schoolchildren in the classroom, and God knows what else. In short, he is a menace to the American way of Life, and sadly, just one of the many dangerous felons whose acquaintance we will be forced to make thanks to Barack Hussein Obama. Praise Him!

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Guess who's been a lazy bitch lately... American Street entry from last Tuesday, here.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Public service announcement

I have resumed my posting duties over at American Street to remind the electorate that Barack Obama is still black. Praise Him!

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Monday, August 11, 2008

I shall be released

Rejoice, Christians, for Sister Nancy Beth's Christian bondage has finally come to an end, and it should please all of you to know that not once did I bow down to The Left's PC orthodoxy of "chemistry." Naturally the final was laden with Satanic trickery of all sorts to compromise my Faith (sample question: "what accounts for water's high surface tension and boiling point?" My answer: His Heavenly Grace), but I stuck to my guns and threatened to sue for religious discrimination at every turn. All in all, it was a resounding success for intellectual Freedom, and an experience I hope to replicate again this Fall.

Fret not, gentle readers, for I know that while you fear that your good shepherdess is going to throw you to the wolves yet again, next semester's class is only one night a week, so it shouldn't devour my life like this last one. One of the hard realizations I've had is that until the State Board of Cosmetology escapes from the full-nelson the radical black homosexual Muslim activist lobby presently has it in, the likelihood of getting my cosmetology certificate is pretty much nil. While the dream is in no way over (that's what photoshop is for!), it is time to formulate a Plan B, career-wise, since beautician is as off-limits to us white people now as rapper, professional athlete, or President of the United States.

One of the most curious effects of being away from blogging was the development of something called "perspective," which is basically an early stage of appeasement that liberals want us to have before we renounce Christianity and convert to Islam. I was afraid that after not getting Outraged for so long that I would be unable to summon my usual wrath, but I am pleased to report that flying off the handle is much like that proverbial bicycle: You never really forget how, and anyone in your path will probably need medical help afterwards.

Today's Outrage comes to us from my Prayer Warriors One News Now, who inform us that California's public schools will soon be required to celebrate perversity even more than they are now:
Thursday the California Assembly approved AB 2567, which designates May 22 as "Harvey Milk Day." The 43-26 vote occurred on party lines with Democrats for, Republicans against. Earlier this week, AB 2567 passed the California State Senate on another party line vote 22-13 -- Democrats for, Republicans against. The bill will require all public schools to "conduct suitable commemorative exercises" in commemoration of the anti-religious, homosexualist agenda of the late San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk.
The mind reels at what you will soon find in your child's backpack after "Harvey Milk Day" -- Kylie Minogue remixes, no doubt, or a tambourine, or maybe even a Scholastic version of Latin Inches magazine. Disgusting.

The sad truth of the matter is that our authors don't do proper justice to the true horrors about to be unleashed on California's school children (my emphasis):
SEC. 2. Section 37222 of the Education Code is amended to read:
37222. (a) The following days in each year are designated and set apart as days having special significance:
(1) The second Wednesday in May as the Day of the Teacher.
(2) April 21 of each year as John Muir Day.
(3) April 6 of each year as California Poppy Day.
(4) May 22 of each year as Harvey Milk Day.
(b) On each of the days designated in subdivision (a), all public schools and educational institutions are encouraged to observe those days and to conduct suitable commemorative exercises as follows:
(1) On the Day of the Teacher, exercises commemorating and directing attention to teachers and the teaching profession.
(2) On John Muir Day, exercises stressing the importance that an ecologically sound natural environment plays in the quality of life for all of us, and emphasizing John Muir's significant contributions to the fostering of that awareness and the indelible mark he left on the State of California.
(3) On California Poppy Day, exercises honoring the California Poppy, including instruction about native plants, particularly the California Poppy, and the economic and aesthetic value of wildflowers; promoting responsible behavior toward our natural resources and a spirit of protection toward them; and emphasizing the value of natural resources and conservation of natural resources.
(4) On Harvey Milk Day, exercises remembering the life of Harvey Milk and recognizing his accomplishments as well as the contributions he made to this state.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is The Left's secret weapon, a dreaded one-two punch of homosexuality and floral arranging to turn God's innocent lambs into flaming nancies, with a granola chaser thrown in to make sure your daughter aspires to becoming a PE teacher. It is unconscionable that our young people are even subjected to such filth, but as my recent ordeal has shown me, you're pretty much expected to forfeit your First Amendment rights once you set foot in a public educational facility. While I lost what little respect I had for Governor Schwarzenegger after he married that Kennedy bitch, at least he's threatening to veto anything but budgets these days. With any luck, this bill will meet an a similarly inglorious end, and heterosexually will be preserved in the classroom. Praise Him!

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