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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney With an Upsilon

Because of their intense hatred for the stability of the conventional family, radical homosexual activists worship troubled divas with a history of drug and relationship problems. Homosexuals reacted to the death of Judy Garland by violently rioting for the past 43 years. And in Greece, the birthplace of homosexuality, we are seeing the same sort of lawlessness after the death of Whitney Houston:
Lawmakers in Greece voted early Monday to approve another round of austerity measures, sought in return for a new eurozone bailout of the debt-stricken country, while protests raged in the streets.

As lawmakers debated, police turned tear gas and stun grenades on demonstrators outside Greece's Parliament. Several buildings, including a bank, cafes and a movie theater, in Athens were set ablaze.
The complaints of the Greek homos, if you'll pardon the redundancy, assert that austerity measures harm the people least responsible for the financial crisis. This mirrors the Occupy Wall Street message, leaving me to wonder: Are the OWS protesters actually a giant group of dick-suckers? Is the social safety net they're so adamant about preserving actually a giant sling, like the ones found in their perverted sex clubs, by which they will violate Our Nation's hershey-hole? Obviously these are the ramifications that the liberal media won't tell you about, leaving it to us courageous conservative bloggers to tell you the harsh truths: If America is to have any chance of enjoying the robust economic growth of the Bush administration and preserve its Christian heritage, we need to start shrinking the economy, severely, through budget cuts to the sick and poor. It's what Our Lord Himself has decreed. Praise Him!

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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Insolent Shock

One of the most effective Alinskyite tactics used by liberals is to side with thugs and hooligans when our noble law enforcement officials give them a richly deserved ass-kicking. This shameless pandering allows The Left to posture as some sort of champion of civil rights and garner more votes from special interests; meanwhile, the rule of law and respect for Traditional Values is eroded further. This war against Our Nation was plainly visible yet again this week, and there's no surprise which tribe of vicious hoodlums they were defending. If I said Halle Berry, Della Reese, and Sugar Ray Robinson were members of this exalted caste, would there be any doubt about who I was referring to? Of course not; it's diabetics:
Adam Greene is on his stomach as a pack of police officers pile on him, driving their knees into his back and wrenching his arms and legs. One officer knees him in the ribs; another kicks him in the face.

"Stop resisting," officers on the video yell, but Greene, his face pushed into the pavement, hasn't resisted. He doesn't even move -- maybe can't move -- because he's gone into diabetic shock caused by low blood sugar. ...

Greene was released without a citation, and officers apologized to him for "beating him up," the lawsuit said.

He immediately went to a hospital, where he was treated for the broken ribs and the bruises to his hands, neck, face and scalp, the lawsuit said.
Despite the liberal media's attempts to paint Mr. Greene as some sort of "victim" of police "brutality," they're only giving you half the story. You wouldn't know it from the favorable coverage the lamestream media gives "Diabetic-Americans" (as they insist on being called), but there is a pervasive culture of nihilism in the diabetes community, with the constant glorification of senseless violence and wanton sexuality promoted by gangsta rappers like Wilford Brimley.

Sadly, this incident will only be used by The Left to further undermine the Moral authority of our police officers, and it will feed into the sense of victimization many diabetics falsely have. They'll wrongly conclude that police officers routinely abuse their authority in the most routine of circumstances, rather than learning the true lesson of this incident: that they should be grateful to live in a country where even the poorest among us can achieve a level of ill health formerly reserved for the upper classes. Praise Him!

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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Ancient Chinese Secret

Even though the malignant effects of "gay" marriage are widely known, Our Nation continues to struggle with this scourge. In a horrific updating of the domino theory, state after state continues to succumb to the Lavender Menace, with the good people of Washington State now joining the boys in the band (skin flute, first chair). So imagine my delight to learn via my Prayer Warriors at World Net Daily that one country had found a way to preserve the Sanctity of Marriage: by exerting crushing amounts of pressure on the cocksuckers to conform.
There may be as many as 16 million women on the Chinese mainland who are married to homosexual men, a leading expert has estimated.

Professor Zhang Bei-chuan at Qingdao University, an authority on AIDS and HIV, says that due to traditional family values in China, about 90 percent of homosexual men get married because of pressure to conform.
I'm typically hard-pressed to say anything favorable about our goldfish-tending friends from the Orient, but this willingness to do any job, no matter how personally distasteful they may find it, raises their standing in my eyes immeasurably. Maybe if The Left ever finds a few billion dollars for one of those high-speed railroads they're always threatening to sock us taxpayers with, we can import some Chinese homosexuals to build it! As a gesture of gratitude, we can let them marry some of our comely American daughters. If history is any guide, they will ascend the ranks of the Republican Party establishment and become our future mayors, senators, and God willing, maybe even president. This is exactly the sort of work ethic America needs. Praise Him!

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