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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Workers of the world, disrobe

According to the lamestream media, the Occupy Wall Street movement is an organic reaction to the unprecedented levels of privilege enjoyed by Our Nation's Job Creators, despite the fact that the OWS wish list comes straight out of the Communist Manifesto. To hear the liberal apologists tell it, the socialist utopia envisioned by our aromatic hippie friends would hold corporate malfeasors accountable for their actions rather than rewarding them, make full employment of the workforce a policy goal, and reduce income inequality to levels beneath their Gilded Age levels... basically anything to avoid Personal Responsibility for their own pathetic lot in life. Recent actions, however, lead me to believe that their purported objectives are mere camouflage for their real agenda: a return to the clothing-optional lifestyles of the 1960s. According to my Prayer Warriors at FoxNation, a recent love-ins took a turn toward the lascivious when the pungent OWS flower children should have been Occupying a Brassiere:
A Eugene woman is speaking out after she and her family accidentally stumbled upon a topless protest outside City Councilor George Poling's house.

The woman says she was taking her six and eight year old boys out to look at Christmas lights when she saw a group of topless women, with bags over their heads and red paint on their bodies.
Reading this left me absolutely panic stricken. The Left has been tailoring the OWS class warfare message to capitalize on voter discontent. What happens if they let the mask slip away entirely and conduct this campaign totally in the nude? Barack Hussein Obama has already shown an unprecedented willingness to use the First Nipples to shore up support among his base of exhibitionists and homosexuals. Who's to say the presidential wang isn't soon to follow?

I wouldn't be so disheartened by this turn of events if I thought our presumptive nominee had the Character to resist this sort of pandering, but I have no Faith that Mitt Romney wouldn't show up shirtless at the next debate if he thought it would enhance his appeal to independent & RINO nudists. Hopefully, the good voters of Iowa will send Mitt & his opportunistic man-teats back to Taxachusetts and vote for the guy who always keeps a buffer of boiled lambswool between us & his dirty parts. Praise Him!

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