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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sapphron Revolution

As a Christian, sending your child to college is the worst mistake you could possibly make. Liberal indoctrination begins the moment your child begins receiving the glossy recruitment materials featuring a smiling student body of all races and all sexual persuasions. The brainwashing doesn't relent until graduation, and by then it's too late, when your little Johnny graduates with a degree in Menstrual Studies with a minor in Blaming America. College graduates as a whole tend to congregate in decadent urban enclaves where they have ready access to Craigslist hookers and drugs, willfully reject the Glory of His Creation, and perhaps worst of all, reliably vote for the Democrat Party. "President" Obama understands this; thankfully so does Rick Santorum, who is courageously speaking out about the national scourge of higher education. Sadly, the guerilla war against Our Nation has intensified, and I doubt you'll be surprised to learn who's leading this fifth column:
The federal government is partnering with dozens of U.S. colleges to provide women from Muslim counties with a "world-class" education in science, technology, engineering and math.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the NeXXt Scholars partnership last month, and her remarks were posted on the State Department Web site Monday.

"Today's next Madame Curie could be sitting in a high school classroom in Cairo, Jakarta, or Mogadishu, yearning for opportunities to explore her potential. The United States is determined to help give her that chance."

Clinton said the scholarship program will "create new opportunities for women from predominantly Muslim nations to pursue world-class undergraduate educations in science, technology, engineering, and math."
Hillary Clinton's affinity for, ahem, Arabian carpet is well documented, which makes the hidden dimensions of this news all the more terrifying: Chairman Hillary, with the blessing of Barack Hussein Obama, is training a secret army of Muslim lesbians to subvert our already weakened Constitution and install the Caliphate! Well, "ladies," this infidel will not submit, and Christians, neither should you. Please join me in securing America by demanding an end to affordable college education for America's children, as well as any foreign ones. Praise Him!

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