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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Perverted By Language

One of the most effective means The Left has of persecuting Christians is by strictly controlling the acceptable terms of debate. Diverge from the liberal script even slightly and you're branded a racist, a hydrophobe, or worse. Just last week, Rick Santorum caught flak for implying that Blah Americans are lazy welfare sponges; had he used the term endorsed by the PC Politburo, "African-American," no one would have refudiated him.

Liberal control of public discourse goes even further than this, however. Another effective weapon in the hippies' arsenal is to mandate the use of coarse language to make their decadent crusades "relevant" and confer legitimacy upon them. Radical homosexual activists have had the most luck with this, as the perverted connotations of "bottom" & "MSM" have left them unfit for use in polite society. Unsurprisingly, the teachers unions have now adopted this tactic, and they're using it to turn today's Christian youths into ravenous sex maniacs:
A New York lawmaker is demanding that state health workers remove a taxpayer-funded video series that promotes “raw-dogging” and other graphic sexual activities to teenagers as young as 13-years-old. ...

The graphic videos feature young actors talking about sex while using street lingo – including words like “raw dogging” – having sex without wearing a condom.

“This video is raunchy,” State. Sen. Martin Golden told Fox News & Commentary. “It’s wrong, it’s shameful and they shouldn’t be doing it.” ...

Golden said the videos portray unprotected sex as “so good, so juicy.”
Not only is this Morally wrong to teach kids that sex is fun, but it's also factually incorrect: The sex act, when performed correctly, is arduous, dirty business that leaves both parties filled with pain and stinging regret.

The answer to America's "sex" "education" crisis is plainly obvious. It should be conducted entirely in the language of the King James Version, so that children are bored rather than titillated at the prospect of sexual congress. I don't know what "raw dogging" is, but by the sounds of it, I would imagine it to combine the charms of self-flagellation with the wholesome appeal of a Lassie movie -- who wouldn't be tempted to delve further? I know I am. But tell a teenager that "The jackal that hath been uncooked shall be unclean," and he'll keep those pants firmly zipped. What we have here, my friends, are Common Sense Conservative Solutions in action!

Virtue will only be restored to Our Nation when Conservatives can participate fully in national discussions without being ostracized for speaking obvious Truths. Until we can gain equal footing in this debate, we will remain America's most Persecuted minority. Praise Him!

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