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Monday, January 05, 2009

Peak Soil

One of the hallmarks of contemporary liberalism is the visceral hatred for America that The Left tries to pass off as some sort of imminent "problem": Global warming! AIDS! Health care! Recession! While I plan to be Raptured out of this shithole before any of these hit, for those of you keeping track, the libtards have uncovered yet another "crisis" that, amazingly enough, will be solved by their treasonous agenda of vegetarianism and homosexuality:
Agriculture has too often involved an insupportable abuse and waste of soil, ever since the first farmers took away the soil-saving cover and roots of perennial plants. Civilizations have destroyed themselves by destroying their farmland. This irremediable loss, never enough noticed, has been made worse by the huge monocultures and continuous soil-exposure of the agriculture we now practice. ...

Any restorations will require, above all else, a substantial increase in the acreages of perennial plants. The most immediately practicable way of doing this is to go back to crop rotations that include hay, pasture and grazing animals.

But a more radical response is necessary if we are to keep eating and preserve our land at the same time. In fact, research in Canada, Australia, China and the United States over the last 30 years suggests that perennialization of the major grain crops like wheat, rice, sorghum and sunflowers can be developed in the foreseeable future. By increasing the use of mixtures of grain-bearing perennials, we can better protect the soil and substantially reduce greenhouse gases, fossil-fuel use and toxic pollution.
That's socialism, plain and simple.

Sister Nancy Beth has a secret confession for you, dear readers. For the latter part of 2008, I was protesting a soil "science" course at a not-so-local junior college once a week, and found it to be filled with the usual Christian-bashing diatribes worthy of Ward Churchill himself. Erosion, rather than being seen as Our Heavenly Father's master plan for transporting fertile topsoil from those treasonous blue states down to His loyal red ones, is instead regarded as some sort of ecological "evil," even though the means to prevent it are dangerous to Our Nation's Values. Professor Moonbeam practically had me laughed out of class when he publicly ridiculed my final paper "Someone's in the Garden with Rosie: Stubble Mulches and the Radical Lesbian Agenda," which valiantly argued stubble mulch tillage was a way of normalizing the sapphic practice of not shaving unsightly body hair.

Unfortunately, this latest assault against Our Nation seems to be gaining some traction. National Geographic must have run out of Third-World women with sagging breasts to photograph, because they recently befouled their slick pages with an unhinged rant that would have been equally at home on some obscure DailyKos diary.

Rather than once again succumbing to The Left's politics of hatred and fear, I urge my fellow Freedom-lovers to reject these scare tactics as the ploy for World Communism that they truly are. America needs to stand up to Barack Hussein Obama's sinister agenda of public works, lower-class tax cuts, and soil conservation, or we're liable to wake up one morning and think we were in Stalinist Russia. Praise Him!

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  • At January 15, 2009 3:24 AM, Blogger Lulu Maude said…

    God, you're brilliant. I wish we lived in the same 'hood.

    That said, Sister Nancy, I do worry about you spending too much time in the company of scientists. If there's anything that can undermine one's faith, it's a college education... that is, unless you opt for coursework at Loma Linda University.

    Praise Him!

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