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Thursday, January 05, 2006


[This post contains 100% recycled content, done for the sake of coherence for that link in the blogroll.]

What are Nancy-Cons?

Nancy-Cons are former liberals who have attended one too many dinner parties where the main course was treason. Some event (it may have been 9/11, though for me, it was Pottery Barn's refusal to rename their Malabar chair after a dead fetus) led them to a dark night of the soul wherein they scrutinized their liberal assumptions and added me to their blogrolls, or otherwise threw a high volume of traffic my way.

What do Nancy-Cons believe?

Nancy-Cons believe in a safer America by using our uncontested military superiority to advance a Gospel-centered approach to glamour worldwide.

How can I get one of those chic Edicts of Nancy thongs I've been hearing so much about?

Go here.


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