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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Bleeding Is Fundamental

Perhaps I should take solace in how predictable the totalitarian impulse of The Left is. They will take another mass Freedom event:
Four people were killed and five wounded on Friday morning as a gunman, dressed in black and carrying an assault rifle, strode across Santa Monica firing at people, cars, a public bus and buildings before being shot and killed by the police at the Santa Monica College Library, the authorities said.
and turn it into renewed call for restricting our God-Granted right to bear arms.

Conveniently overlooked -- again -- is the real cause of this tragedy: libraries. Rather than stocking their shelves with the useful and valuable firearms that would actually benefit their communities, librarians have instead chosen to fill their facilities with worthless items like books, dvds, and internet access for perverts. How can we reasonably expect a group of children to defend themselves against some misguided Patriot if all they have to throw at him are feltboard puppets? Our Heavenly Father has Blessed us with a capitalist system that makes the Second Amendment accessible to even the tiniest digits. Until libraries begin taking their responsibilities to their communities seriously, Our Nation will remain awash in the blood of the innocents. Praise Him!

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