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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It takes a feminazi to raze a village

In the cut-throat world of Middle Eastern politics, only brute force is recognized in place of diplomacy. So I find a certain level of assurance that the most remorseless killer of men, women, and small household pets Our Nation has ever seen will be representing our interests at the proverbial table:
About to encounter a world of problems, including two ongoing wars, the first matter Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton will likely have to address is the hottest -- the escalated fighting between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza.

While Hillary Clinton brings to the table of any future Mideast peace negotiations a respected name and the goodwill surrounding her boss Barack Obama, she also brings a legacy of contradictory statements about the Arab-Israeli conflict.
While I've been unable to find Clinton's actual quotes, I suspect the contradictory statements at issue revolve around whether she promises to enslave her victims' children seven generations before or after she chops off their heads and shits down their necks, an important distinction when negotiating a two-state solution. Anyway, I hope Chairman Hillary will continue with our policy of Israel, Right or Wrong. My neighborhood has a glut of unperfected Christians from the former Evil Empire, and nothing would make me happier than to see their flabby old Russian asses dodging mortar fire in the West Bank. Praise Him!

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  • At January 01, 2009 3:00 PM, Blogger Lulu Maude said…

    My goodness. I am so glad that you linked me to that nice picture of Ann Coulter with all her shiny teeth. Clearly, having her jaw wired shut must have given her time to reflect, and upon reflection, to get more promptly to the point when her orthodontia was complete.

    She certainly looks wonderful with her overbite corrected, and of course, she is more perfected than ever.

    The Lord has seen fit to bless her, then to bless her again.

    Praise Him!


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